Need support navigating remote simultaneous interpreting? Looking for help transitioning your simultaneous interpreting course to the online setting? You found us.

RSI Platform Deep Dive!

2 hours

A live, practice-based training on an RSI platform such as VoiceBoxer, with a debrief in Zoom. Experiential learning and reflection.


USD $90 per person, 4-person minimum.

USD $250 and you can have the session all to yourself.

RSI Compare & Contrast

4 hours

In this workshop, delivered in two glorious chunks, we spend time on two very different platforms (think VoiceBoxer vs. Zoom or Kudo vs. Ablio, as examples). This will prepare you for a range of RSI scenarios and provoke higher level vision about how to properly apply platforms to suit different communicative needs.


USD $320 per person, 4 person minimum.

USD $480 if you'd like to fly solo.

RSI Mini-Course

5 hours

For those who like the details—the big, thorough picture, piece-by-piece, in five sessions (4 group sessions, 1 individual, all one hour). Develop your own RSI voice and thinking. We practice RSI and talk risks, platforms, tech requirements, standards, and next steps. This course involves a bit of work between sessions to maximize our time together.


USD $380 per person, 4 person minimum.

USD $575 if you'd like to fly solo.