Curious about our work? Below you'll find a sampling of our presenting and publishing.

Not Quite Magic cover.jpg

Watch Elena's April 2020 webinar, Not Quite Magic: Identity and Life as an Interpreter. 

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Watch our team present Your Booth, Your Way: The complete-ish guide to setting up a professional interpreting studio.

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Watch Liz's March 2020 ATA webinar, Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI): An Interpreter's Perspective

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Watch Elena and Liz present on remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) in healthcare, a part of the Cross-Cultural Communications RSI webinar series.

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Watch Liz's webinar, How to Succeed at Remote Interpreting, from the American Interpreters Association inaugural conference.

Estudio de encuesta interpretación mexico 2017

Read the Translation and Interpretation in Mexico Survey Study conducted by Laura in 2017 on behalf of the Italia Morayta Foundation with support from Interpret-America.