Lab7 Simultaneous FAQs

We're so psyched that you're interested in our most recent Lab7 intensive: First Steps in Simultaneous for Community Settings. Applications are closed for our January 2021 session, but you can sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know when our next course opens!

Who is this course for?

This course is a great fit for spoken language interpreters who have foundational training to work in healthcare, legal, and educational settings. Lab7 is aimed at interpreters who have had little or no formal training in simultaneous interpreting, whether they use simultaneous interpreting in their day to day work or not.


This course requires that each interpreter have at least one language partner.

Where will the course be?

Lab7 happens entirely online in real time. But it's not just another Zoom webinar series. It will require a good deal of hands on work from you. We'll help you make sure your physical and digital workspaces are set up through easy-to-follow pre-work that includes recommendations for headsets. This set-up will serve you in the future if you decide to transition to remote work.


Although we won't meet onsite, we'll have a chance to get to know each other before our course starts, through just-for-us conversations on Slack. Never used Slack before? No worries. We'll walk you through it.

What will we do? What are the learning objectives?

Lab7 introduces simultaneous interpreting to those who work in community settings, and may use simultaneous interpreting in their work, but who have little or no formal training in simultaneous interpreting.  Participants do pre-work to make sure their physical and digital space are set up properly for the course and also for RSI in a home office.

Day one

  • Identify situations in which simultaneous interpreting is appropriate and helpful in community settings.

  • Identify elements of simultaneous interpreting, and how RSI is different from onsite simultaneous interpreting

  • Practice short term memory exercises with a partner

  • Practice simultaneous shadowing exercises with a partner

  • Identify and practice goal setting, and peer support (giving and receiving feedback)

  • Reflect on day one activities with peers


Day two


  • Understand the mechanics of one-way RSI in Zoom

  • Identify and practice three golden rules of simultaneous interpreting 

  • Practice one-way simultaneous interpreting in Zoom

  • Practice goal setting, and peer support (giving and receiving feedback)

  • Reflect on day two activities with peers


Day three


  • Understand the mechanics of dialogic RSI in Zoom

  • Understand how to set up and host an RSI meeting in Zoom

  • Practice and observe dialogic RSI in Zoom

  • Practice goal setting, and peer support (giving and receiving feedback)

  • Use reflective practice to compare day one recording with final recording

  • Identify lessons learned with peers

Is this a certification?

Nope, this is not a certification. You'll get a certificate of completion at the end, and if you're certified through NBCMI or CCHI, you'll earn CEUs. Not certified? No problem. You don't need to be certified.


Having said that, because we learn so much vocabulary and get comfortable interpreting while others listen in, you may find it useful as part of your prep if you're getting ready to take an oral certification exam.

What languages can participate?

For this round of Lab7, we're opening applications to all spoken languages. It's important to know that for Lab7 to work, everyone needs a language partner. We encourage you to recruit a friend who shares your language combination, or sign up solo and we'll let you know when registration closes if we've got a partner for you.

What's the agenda? Are the hours flexible?

The hours are not flexible. We'll meet online from 10am to 5pm EST on January 14th, 15th, and 16th. Our course happens in real time and isn't recorded, so we'll need you to commit to attending all three days.

Want more details? Get your hands on the agenda here.

Why's there an application? Why can't I just register?

That's a great question. As much as we don't like to say it, this simultaneous course is not for everyone. We want to make sure that all participants who want to join us can be successful in Lab7, and the only way to do that is to vet applications before the course begins.

We also need to make sure that everyone has a language partner, and the application process helps us with that. We'll accept applications until all spots fill, and then open a waiting list.

What's included in the $450 registration fee?

Great question! Your Seven Sisters team aims high with their intensive courses. This is not just another Zoom call. Your registration includes:

  • CEUs through CCHI and IMIA (if you're certified)

  • Seven Sisters welcome package with pre-printed course materials and a few other 7 Sisters surprises!

  • Pre-work with detailed recommendations on how to set up your digital and physical space for remote interpreting and learning

  • Access to our Lab7 Slack group, where you'll get to know your Lab7 colleagues

  • Terminology lists that you'll prepare in advance, and that we'll use during our interpreting practice

  • Live instruction and personalized attention from the Seven Sisters team. Liz, Laura, and Elena have years of experience teaching and training interpreters online, and are all working interpreters themselves.

  • Three days of practice and peer feedback, with a structured way to evaluate your progress as you continue to sharpen your simultaneous

  • Networking with colleagues who share a common interest--Exploring simultaneous interpreting in community settings!