Need guidance joining VoiceBoxer as an interpreter? We got you.

Follow these steps in order to come prepared:

IMPORTANT: You must use Firefox, Chrome or Opera for VoiceBoxer to work correctly. 

Prior to the event or training, the organizer will assign you to a virtual booth using the email address you have on record with us. This will kick out an automatic email invitation from VoiceBoxer. Once you receive that email, it's time to get started: 

  • Complete the VoiceBoxer System Check

  • Log-in to the VoiceBoxer Educational Portal

  • Practice joining the event

1. Complete the VoiceBoxer System Check

Plug in your USB headset with microphone (click here for headset guidance), and navigate to the VoiceBoxer System Check Portal. If you get two green checks, you're on your way! Proceed to Step 2.

2. Login to the VoiceBoxer Educational Portal

If you have never used VoiceBoxer before, you will also receive a separate email from VoiceBoxer with your login email and an automatically generated password. If you cannot locate that email, simply reset your password here by entering the email address where you received your VoiceBoxer invitation. 

If you already have a VoiceBoxer account, locate your login credentials. (You can reset your password here, if needed.)

Great. Now go to and enter your login email and password.

If you have logged in the email we have on record, your event should be listed in the portal. In the "Your Role" column, it will say "Interpreter".

*While you are here, consider clicking on your account settings in the top right corner and filling in your name and organization if you haven't already. That way you will be easily identifiable by name in VoiceBoxer, rather than appearing as your email address.  

Portal Interpreter.png
3. Practice Joining the Event

Now, return to the upcoming events tab and press the green button on the right that says "Join".

When prompted, give Chrome or Firefox permission to access your microphone and camera.


You have made it to the VoiceBoxer platform! It will look something like the what you see below. You'll see a message that says "Waiting for event to begin."

Go ahead and speak into your microphone and make sure the gauge at the bottom left of the screen moves up and down. Oh, the sweet nectar of success!

VoiceBoxer Practice Join

Didn't make it to the platform? Deep breath. We believe in you. This is all part of the RSI learning curve.


VoiceBoxer has a very user-friendly help section. Get some extra support and try, try again. If you're still stuck, contact String & Can Multilingual Online (our RSI sister company) for further support.


Because circumstances and conditions can change from day to day, you’ll want to repeat the system check just before our VoiceBoxer session and then follow the above steps again to join the event.


We'll leave these useful links here for you:

VoiceBoxer Educational Portal:

Forgot Password:

New Account Signup:

System Check:

Support Page: